Pattern Imprinted Concrete is a highly innovative method of imprinting the surface of freshly poured ready mixed concrete to produce a beautiful concrete design that gives the look of stone, brick, cobbles, tile and stone. There is a huge range of colours and patterns that can be applied for any environment.

First developed in America in the 1950s, the process introduced decorative paving techniques to reproduce the look of individual stone paving.

Pattern imprinted concrete works by incorporating colour and patterns into poured concrete. The fibre-mesh reinforced concrete is enhanced by the use of colour surface hardeners, release agents and acrylic sealants. Three dimensional stamping tools create unique and stunning designs.

Pattern imprinted concrete can be used to recreate many authentic stone effects such as Slate, Flagstones, Cobbles, York Stone, Wooden Boardwalk, and Block Paviers. With the use of innovative imagination, special effects and individual creations can be designed by combining several colours and patterns. The design opportunities are endless.

Pattern imprinted concrete is by far the most superior paving system available in the marketplace, which – with minimal maintenance – will add value to your property and last a lifetime.

Benefits of Pattern Imprinted Concrete

• Maintenance free – no sinking, spreading, weeds
• Oil and stain resistant
• Variety of colours that do not fade
• Durability that will outlast other forms of paving
• Anti-slip coating can be added to make the surface non-slip

Pattern Imprinted Concrete is ideal for:

• Driveways
• Patios
• Paths
• Indoor Flooring
• Conservatory Flooring
• Conservatories, Kitchens…..Just about anywhere!

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