Why pattern imprinted concrete is the smart choice for your new driveway

26port_023 (3)The advantages of pattern imprinted concrete over other materials are many. It is highly decorative, versatile and extremely resilient to wear and tear. Here are some of the benefits explained:

Pattern Imprinted Concrete… Means No More Weeds

Because our pattern concrete driveways are a printed impression into the concrete there are no individually laid blocks or flagstones. This eliminates the possibility of weeds growing on your driveway, ensuring long lasting good looks and creating a truly maintenance free driveway.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete… Means No Sinking Or Tram Lines

How many times have you talked about having your flags or block paving re-laid? …..Why? Sinking and movement are problems synonymous with block paving and flags. Many block paved driveways have a “tram line” effect where cars have been driven on and parked on over time. Pattern imprinted concrete totally eliminates this problem. Because it is reinforced concrete it will NEVER move and NEVER sink.

You will NEVER have to re-lay a Driveway & Decking Co pattern imprinted driveway thus eliminating any associated future maintenance costs.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete… Means No More Power Washing

Overtime a block paved driveway or Indian flagstone driveway or patio will become engrained with dirt and you will find yourself power washing it. Power washing your block paving or Indian stone will clean it but it will also damage it. A high power jet washer will disturb the foundations of your Indian stone or block paving resulting in movement separation weed growth and further maintenance costs.

A pattern imprinted concrete driveway by Driveway & Decking Co will not become engrained with dirt because it is finished with an acrylic resin lacquer. There is no need to power wash a pattern imprinted concrete driveway, it can simply be brushed clean but if you do power wash a pattern imprinted concrete driveway it won’t damage it.

32port_St Ives 2Pattern Imprinted Concrete… Means Durability

We use only the best materials. The concrete we use is a fibre reinforced air entrained mix and is capable of withstanding the weight of a 7.5 ton vehicle in a domestic situation. Increasing the thickness of concrete increases the weight it can bear.  So for example, in a commercial situation a 100mm or more thickness would be appropriate.


Pattern Imprinted Concrete… Means Versatility

Pattern imprinted concrete is the ideal material for projects large and small, from a small path to a large driveway or commercial area. Due to a large choice of prints and patterns a Driveway & Decking Co driveway can be tailored to your individual needs.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete… Means A Choice Of Colours & Patterns

Because of the nature of pattern imprinted concrete and the application of colour combinations in theory there are literally hundreds of colours to choose from. Popular colours are generally one of four categories; a variation of Sandstones, Browns, Reds and Greys. Although there are many patterns available, popular prints are: London Cobble, Random Stone, European Fan, Herringbone Brick and Ashlar Slate.